Blooming Lotus Silver Necklace


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The delicate Lotus Flower is a symbol of beauty, elegance, resilience and strength. The Lotus Flower blossoms in the most unlikely of waters, where it is dark, murky and muddy, symbolizing beauty and radiance can grow and shine from any circumstance and environment. The Lotus Flower reminds us to look for the beauty and good in each moment, stand sturdy and strong in trying times and continue to shine no matter what.

Green Aventurine: “Stone of Opportunity, Prosperity and Wealth”, Health and Good Fortune. This is also the stone associated with the heart chakra and helps to balance locked emotions and allow more love to flow freely.

Lava: Protection, Balancing and Grounding


Sterling Silver Plated Lotus Flower

17″ Stainless Steel Chain

4 mm Aventurine and Lava Stone

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